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HypaClean Alcohol-Free Skin Cleansing Wipes In Dispenser

Provide adequate hygiene equipment for your staff and visitors


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  • Supplied in a convenient tub for easy dispensing
  • PH neutral and alcohol-free wipes are gentle on the skin
  • Anti-bacterial formula helps prevent the spread of common viruses

Make sure you provide your staff and visitors with a range of equipment that can help them stay hygienic and free from the spread of harmful viruses in the workplace. These highly convenient sanitising wipes are ideal for keeping hands clean and free from germs and harmful micro-organisms. The alcohol-free wipes are highly effective at killing most types of common yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria that can lead to all sorts of undesirable illnesses in staff.

These hand wipes were designed with convenience in mind; supplied in batches of 200 wipes, they come encased in a hard-wearing plastic container. It is easy to remove wipes individually from the dispenser as each breaks along its perforated edge when pulled from the top. Simply wipe the skin thoroughly before disposing of the wipe in a waste bin. The hand cleansing wipes are PH neutral and do not contain any alcohol or lanolin, which means that they will not irritate the skin or cause any damage if they come into contact with the eyes. These hand-sanitising wipes are also lightly fragranced, leaving you with skin that feels incredibly fresh and clean.

To help keep your facilities clean at all times, we also stock these hand and surface wipes, which are suitable for use both on the skin and on many work surfaces and kitchen or bathroom areas.

Preventing the spread of bacteria and germs is essential to many professions. We also stock this handy 50ml pocket dispenser of alcohol hand gel for ultra cleanliness on-the-go – an essential addition to any first aid kit or just for general day-to-day hygiene when away from a sink.

Additional Information

Brand HypaClean
Description Skin Cleansing Wipes Tub
Locking Mechanism Snap lid dispenser
Pack Qty. 200

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