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Non-slip toe warming heat pack

Keep feet warm inside shoes during cold weather


£15.85 ex. VAT ( £19.02 inc. VAT)
  • Thin enough to fit inside footwear
  • Adhesive to prevent slipping
  • Provides warmth for up to 5 hours

In cold weather, it's often our extremities that suffer the most. There's nothing worse than cold feet and hands while trying to work, making you feel colder all over and bringing down your ability to work efficiently. For hands, you can wear a pair of good quality gloves like our thermal work gloves, but if you've already got socks and shoes on your feet, it can seem like there's not much left to do but try and put up with it.

These Heat Pax toe warmers fit neatly inside footwear to give extra warmth to your feet and keep your mood and wellbeing high while working in cold conditions. Their thin design means they won't cause discomfort inside your shoes, and they include an adhesive to stop them slipping around while you move. You'll hardly know they're there except for the wonderfully warm sensation they'll provide, making cold weather much more bearable.

Once activated, the toe warmer pads work for up to five hours, so you won't need to take your shoes off and replace them constantly. The average temperature is 39°C, which is sure to keep your feet feeling toasty and spread warmth throughout your body. For workforces coping with freezing conditions, Heat Pax warmers keep morale high and increase productivity even in the midst of deepest winter.

Keep the head and face area warm as well with our thermal helmet warmers, which fit neatly under hard hats and other protective headwear to give extra protection from the cold.

Additional Information

Brand Heat Pax
Description Toe warming heat pack
Packaging Qty. 10
Specifications / Characteristics Keeps toes warm for up to 5 hours
Average temperature 39ºC
Supplied in Pack of 10

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