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Easy-to-Fit Flood Defence Toilet Seals

Quick and effective solution to flood issues

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From: £96.60 ex. VAT ( £115.92 inc. VAT)

  • Easy to fit
  • Reduces risk of property damage during a flood
  • Vibrant design

Emergency situations call for speedy and immediate solutions, and our flood defence toilet seals are the first step in the event of an overflow issue. Simple to apply and remove, it's a resource that all sanitation staff should have at hand, along with our plastic 'Wet Floor' sign stands.

Crafted to be used in an instant, the stress-free mechanism is as simple as placing the toilet seal down, and then twisting it. When there's a risk of property damage, time is always of the essence. Fitted with a convenient handle, the twist action will take next to no effort.

Water damage can cost any company a lot of money, but when plumbing is concerned there are other risks. The practical seal will prevent the toilet from releasing any sewage backflow that will prove to be highly undesirable for any business that deals in food preparation or necessitates flawless hygiene standards at all times.

Coupled with our TTS flat mop system, janitorial staff will be able to make light work of any initial spillage that is likely to occur in the event of a flood. Once the source of the overflow has been sealed and any minor messes have been cleaned, employees will be able to fix the problem at its source.

Designed in a bright shade of yellow, the malfunction will be permanently highlighted until it's removed. With the problem in plain sight, it will encourage the relevant department to solve the matter as soon as possible, offering no excuse for it going overlooked for days on end.

In the event that water has been allowed to cause damage for an extended period of time, our Hydrosack offers a lightweight and highly absorbent solution to remove vast quantities of clean or dirty liquids.

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