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Absorbent ‘Flamezorb’ Non-Toxic Chemical Compound for Fire Buckets

Smother and extinguish flames and soak up flammable liquid spillages with ease


£8.25 ex. VAT ( £9.90 inc. VAT)

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  • Far more absorbent than regular sand
  • Each bag contains 2 kg of ‘Flamezorb’ compound
  • Compliant to BS476 Part 7 Class 2

Fires can spread with alarming speed and deadly consequences when not dealt with immediately. In such situations, using a fire bucket filled with water or sand is a tried-and-tested method of extinguishing flames.

However, we believe ‘Flamezorb’ offers an even more effective and safe solution. A non-toxic chemical compound, ‘Flamezorb’ will attack flames by smothering them until they’re fully extinguished.

It’s also great for dealing with flammable liquid spillages due to its super absorbent qualities and is easy to clean up and get rid of afterwards.

With 2 kg of ‘Flamezorb’ compound per bag – enough to fill a 10 litre fire bucket – this is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Flamezorb compound is perfect for use with our plastic or metal fire buckets with optional lids, which can also be used with regular sand or water.

Additional Information

Brand Flamezorb
Description Flamezorb Absorbent Compound (2kg Bag)
Supplied in Single

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