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Extra stable fixed safety feet for Telesteps extension ladders

Make your ladders more stable and prevent unnecessary workplace accidents.


£54.50 ex. VAT ( £65.40 inc. VAT)
  • Works perfectly with Telesteps telescopic extension ladders
  • Prevents dangerous ladder slips
  • Stops floors from becoming scuffed and marked

Extension ladders are an invaluable workplace tool, offering both portability and convenience. However, it’s still always advisable to have a second person at the bottom of the ladder to keep it steady. Our fixed safety feet for Telesteps extension ladders will provide additional stability and keep anyone using the ladder as safe as possible.

Easy to attach, each safety foot is specially designed to eliminate slippage and will even stop floors from becoming scuffed as an added bonus.

Safety in the workplace should never be underestimated and with these simple yet effective add-ons, your ladder will become as safe to use as it is convenient.

Our extra stable fixed safety feet are specifically designed for use with our Telesteps telescopic extension ladders, which are suitable for professional use and feature patented AUTOSTEPS technology.

Additional Information

Extended Height
Description Fixed Safety Feet – compatible with Telesteps Extension Ladders
Supplied in Single

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