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Burn Relief

Wherever there’s a heat source there’s a risk of sustaining a burn, whether that source is an oven, hob or kettle in your kitchen, a furnace or kiln in a workshop or an open fire used to destroy waste materials. Even the very careful are prone to accidents if someone else isn’t watching what they’re doing, and so it’s vital to keep the right kinds of kit within easy reach. Our burn relief department has a range of products that have been carefully selected for their fast, efficient treatment of pain and the wounds caused by burns, so please do take your time to consider how they could help you.

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  1. BurnSoothe Burn Dressings

    BurnSoothe Burn Dressings

    Burn dressings with soothing, cooling gel solution Learn More
    From: £2.75

  2. CoolTherm Emergency Sterile Cooling Burn Gel

    CoolTherm Emergency Sterile Cooling Burn Gel

    Innovative gel quickly cools burns and protects skin from contaminants Learn More
    From: £5.50

  3. CoolTherm Soothing Burn Dressings

    CoolTherm Soothing Burn Dressings

    Relieve pain and reduce blistering from burn injuries Learn More
    From: £7.99

  4. BurnSoothe Portable Burns Kits

    BurnSoothe Portable Burns Kits

    Portable kit in three sizes for treating burn injuries Learn More
    From: £10.99

  5. BurnSoothe burns kit refill packs

    BurnSoothe burns kit refill packs

    Comprehensive first aid supplies for burn injuries Learn More
    From: £30.99

  6. Single Use Instant Heat Pack

    Single Use Instant Heat Pack

    Treat pain instantly and effectively with these cost-effective heat packs Learn More

  7. Wall-Mounted Combined First Aid, Burns and Eyewash Station

    Wall-Mounted Combined First Aid, Burns and Eyewash Station

    A comprehensive focal point for treating all kinds of injury Learn More
    From: £182.00

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burn relief

It’s important that any professional setting, community space, or educational establishment is correctly equipped to deal with any eventuality, which is why products such as the CoolTherm professional burns first aid kit and the combined first aid and burns station are fantastic purchases for any space. Accessories including the hot and cold sleeve are essential for your own medical kits and stations.

Wall-mounted and designed to be seen, the first aid and burns station is HSE compliant, fully stocked and ready to go. Alongside its first aid kit and accident book, the station’s burns application features items such as BurnSoothe gel-soaked dressings, enabling first aiders and first responders to administer immediate, appropriate care. SafetyShop provides refills to keep your kit in a ready state at all times, as well as smaller kits to be used at home or on the go. A little closer to home, our CoolTherm burn gel and burn dressings are ideal for your personal first aid kit, providing treatment for minor burns and injuries caused by sunburn, hot water and naked flames. Please do remember to seek medical advice whenever in doubt, though.

SafetyShop doesn’t only provide relief against the effects of heat, but warming products that can be used to treat the aches, pains and sprains that you may experience or even create at work. Our single use instant heat packs are designed to instantly ease stresses and strains, ensuring that you, or those you’re applying the packs to, are soon standing tall again. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please do contact us. Our operators are available each day from 8.30am until 5.30pm to work around your business’s hours, or your working day.

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