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Fire-resistant document protection cupboard

Excellent fire protection for important business data


From: £1,299.00 ex. VAT ( £1,558.80 inc. VAT)
  • Fire protection of valuables, cash and vital business documents
  • Prevents smoke damage to digital media
  • Secure digital anti-theft lock

As part of any business disaster recovery plan, management of your secure and proprietary business data and documents should be high on the list and our fire resistant document cupboards offer protection from fire and also help to prevent smoke damage of your most important data, so your business can quickly get back up and running again, following a fire or other disaster.

If you also have flammable materials on site, and space is at a premium, we have a combination Fire Resistant Cabinet with a Safety Box, for storage of files, documents and digital media in the main part of the cabinet, and safety-rated storage of flammable chemicals and materials in the safety box.

Store passports, visas, PAL cards, training materials, proprietary designs, copyrighted materials, plans, CAD drawings, banking information, cash, bonds and insurance documents can be stored safely and securely. This ensures protection not only from fire, to give the longest possible chance of information survival until the fire brigade can extinguish the blaze, but also equally secure protection from theft and tampering with the digital lock, which also sounds an alarm to notify you if there is a problem.

If you also have a large amount of paperwork in your office or workplace, and not everything will fit in the fire resistant cupboard, the best way to protect it from fire is to also use one or more of our Sun Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets to ensure files, employee records, personnel data and client information is as secure as everything else.

Plan your storage needs carefully, with fire and disaster recovery in mind, and should the worst happen, your business will be in the best possible position to pick itself up and start trading again.

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