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Lightweight, rapid deploy escape ladders

Simple to use ladders for a safe and swift escape.

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From: £56.99 ex. VAT ( £68.39 inc. VAT)
  • Two different lengths available
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight but strong

Every business should have a fire plan in place, just in case the very worst happens, and part of that plan should involve planning for how to get staff safely out of the building in case of a fire. While it’s considerably easier to evacuate staff on the ground floor of the building, staff in upper floors may find it more difficult if stairs are cut off as a means of escape. One thing you can do to give your staff an alternative escape option is to provide rapid deploy ladders. These ladders enable staff to escape through an upper floor window if there is no other way out.

Our steel construction escape ladders are very light and easy and quick to lift into place – vital during a fire when people may be panicking. All your staff need to do is hook the ladder quickly over any window (with a maximum window ledge width of 325mm) and they can then begin to make their escape. Each ladder has anti-slip rungs for safe use, and stand offs to keep the ladder and the user away from the side of the building.

Every ladder is supplied fully assembled and in its own box for easy storage, and has been chain tension tested up to 1000 pounds from two to three storeys high. We offer two sizes – a 4.5 metre length and a 7.5 metre length.

A further useful addition to your plan in case of a fire is to have several life hammers on the upper floors of your building, so that staff can quickly break windows of even the toughest glass in an emergency. The life hammer is 175mm x 68mm and is easy to find, even if the lights go out, as it has a photoluminescent indicator for instant visibility. Buy another one for your car, as it also comes with an extremely sharp knife for cutting seat belt webbing.

For the ultimate safety kit for emergency situations, our emergency escape kit covers up to 50 staff, and includes an airhorn, 6 plastic whistles, 6 disposable foil blankets, 6 disposable latex gloves, a set of 2-way radios with batteries included, a medium first aid kit, 2 torches with batteries and a multi-function tool. In a multi-storey building, a kit on every floor would be ideal.

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