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EAR Soft FX Slow Recovery Polyurethane Foam Earplugs

Protection up to 39dB, designed for easy insertion and comfort


£48.45 ex. VAT ( £58.14 inc. VAT)
  • Recyclable slow recovery foam makes insertion easier
  • Smooth finish, tapered design and flange shape increase comfort
  • Bright yellow colour increases visibility and makes the earplugs hard to lose

In factories, construction sites and many other types of workplace, there's machinery and equipment that generates high noise levels while it operates. Exposure to this excessive noise, particularly on a daily basis, can be extremely damaging to your hearing, which is why ear protection is essential. Earplugs are often used to attenuate excessive sound, as they're small and compact, which makes them easy to carry or store. They're also suitable for using alongside other types of safety equipment, although if you prefer larger ear defenders, we stock a model that can be attached to a hard hat.

These EAR Soft FX earplugs are designed to be easy to insert into the ear canal, and extremely comfortable when they're worn. They're made from slow recovery foam, which is also known as memory foam, so they help keep an excellent fit once they're in the ear. They have a smooth, tapered finish and a distinctive flange shape for easier fitting and a more snug fit. Storing them in an earplug dispenser ensures people always know where to find them, and it helps remind people when they're entering a dangerously loud area.

The manufacturers of these earplugs are so confident of their design that they guarantee a correct fit the first time, every time. This helps people to start work quicker without spending too long with fiddly, difficult equipment beforehand. They protect against noise up to 39dB, which makes them suitable for a wide range of environments as they provide greater protection than some other models. Coloured bright yellow, the earplugs are less likely to be lost when they need to be removed temporarily.

With 200 in a pack, you'll receive plenty to keep your stocks high, and buying in larger quantities can save you money. If you want to make sure people are aware of the areas where earplugs are needed, display one of our floor signs to grab their attention. Its eye-catching design is highly likely to be noticed on the ground, and its anti-slip surface helps keep people safe and minimise the risk of accidents.

Additional Information

Attenuation 39 dB
Brand 3M - E-A-R™
Colour(s) Yellow
Description 39dB
Material Polyurethane foam
Pack Qty. 200 pairs
Packaging Qty. 200
Product Description EAR FX Ear Plugs
Type Uncorded

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4 years ago

Service: The ordering process was easyOur response: Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. All feedback is important to us and will help our continuous improvements


Product: very good product.

only thought was that if supplied with the dispenser whether they should be sent loose rather than in packets

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