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Heavy Duty Deposit Safes

Heavy duty deposit safe with large drawer or rotary deposit systems.


From: £549.00 ex. VAT ( £658.80 inc. VAT)
  • High security deposit safe available with either drawer or rotary deposit
  • Thick steel construction to protect cash, documents or keys with ease
  • FG approved against burglary and other forms of attack

If your operations mean you have valuables on site, and in particular overnight, a robust deposit safe is an essential investment for your business. Available with either a drawer or a rotary deposit system, you can provide high levels of security protection for your valuables – whether they be cash, keys or important documents.

When choosing the right safe, an important consideration is the system your safe uses for making deposits. This model of safe comes with a choice of two deposit methods – large drawer and rotary.

The large drawer option features a front drawer through which contents can be added, and is especially useful for bulkier deposits such as cash bags and large wallets. The drawer is protected by a 4cm thick steel body and door with a safe lock, behind which is a three-way bolt mechanism.

The Rotary deposit system uses a spring-loaded drum opening, through which deposits can be made. This version of the deposit safe features a safe lock with two keys, and 180 degree door access. The Rotary Deposit version is popular with companies looking to give an extra layer of protection to large bunches of keys, as well as cash.

This deposit safe has a heavy steel construct, with a weight such that deliveries to floors above the ground floor will incur significant extra costs. Both versions of this deposit safe come with an insurance rating of £2,000 in cash or £20,000 in valuables.

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