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COSHH - What do the symbols mean Poster

Informative poster raising awareness of the meaning of four key chemical warning symbols.

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From: £14.95 ex. VAT ( £17.94 inc. VAT)
  • Covers four key areas: corrosive, toxic/very toxic, harmful and irritant chemicals
  • Also includes brief detail of COSHH legislation
  • Available in A4, A3 or A2 sizes.

Useful as part of an employer's requirements to inform and train employees on the risks and hazards posed by substances they may come into contact with while at work, these clear and concise COSHH posters cover four of the most common chemical warning symbols. Both a reminder and instant guide to how to handle different categories of chemicals, it will help to keep your staff using the correct processes and procedures. The four most common types of chemicals handled are: corrosive, toxic/very toxic, harmful and irritant. Each of the four types of chemical is accompanied by the universally recognised symbol as well as a series of steps, including how to prevent contact and what to do should contact or spillage occur. As the HSE's COSHH guidelines reiterate, for control measures to be truly effective, staff need to know how to use them properly. Perhaps more importantly, staff need to know why they should be bothered to work in a certain way - they need motivation.

Motivation comes by knowing why the procedures are in place and what the risks are - and by staff having confidence that the control measures will protect them. Incorporating some detail on general COSHH legislation, alongside the information about the four most common chemical handling symbols, the poster is available in three sizes: A4, A3 or A2. Choose the size that fits the requirements of your workplace in terms of prominence. You can also select between three quality materials, so the poster will withstand the demands of your working environment: laminated paper, semi-rigid plastic or 3mm 80% recycled rigid plastic.

For a more comprehensive poster displaying more common chemical handling symbols and their meanings, try our dangerous substances poster. We also supply a central station for safety data sheets and information. For anything else relating to COSHH and handling procedures, take a look at our full range of COSHH supplies.

All employers are also required by law to display a current HSE Health and Safety Law Poster

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Product Description COSHH - What do the symbols mean Poster

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