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Strong Column Impact Protectors for Driver and Pedestrian Safety

Protect columns in traffic areas with these strong, highly visible add-ons

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£71.70 ex. VAT ( £86.04 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible
  • Steel strengthened options
  • Added safety for vehicles and pedestrians

Keep your workplace parking, driving, storage and loading areas as safe as possible with these column impact protectors. They provide incredibly strong and highly visible protection for columns, meaning drivers and pedestrians are aware of them even in low light conditions, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

They're made from polyurethane foam which absorbs shock very effectively, and there's also the option to choose steel-strengthened styles with the JUP259 and JUP47 models. Whatever model you choose, they will be able to withstand a heat range of -40 to 90°, making them suitable for the vast majority of working environments, and their UV radiation resistance also makes them extra long lasting.

The column protectors come in three different styles, depending on whether you have angled, rounded or flat-surfaced pillars.

We also stock other impact protectors and guards for added safety elsewhere on your premises.

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