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Strong, Single Piece, Colour Coded Write-On Seals

Tough nylon seals that can be personalised and won't come off until cut


From: £16.99 ex. VAT ( £20.39 inc. VAT)
  • Can be personalised with marker
  • Secure and tamper-proof
  • Versatile uses

These tough nylon seals have a variety of uses, thanks to their flexible and simple design.

Use them to seal trolleys, roll cages, tanker valves, cases and tote boxes, among other things. The seals provide a strong and tamper-proof barrier, and can also be personalised by writing on the 22 x 13 mm white area with a marker pen.

Because they are made in one single piece, the seals have no joins or seams, making them incredibly strong and ensuring that they won't come off until they're cut off deliberately.

The 184 mm long nylon seals come in a choice of three colours so you can colour code anything you seal, for easier organisation.

We also have a full range of security seals and bags for safely organising your stock and your workplace.

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