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First Aid Clothing Cutters with Stainless Steel Blades

Remove clothing quickly and safely to treat burns and other injuries


£10.95 ex. VAT
£5.48 ex. VAT ( £6.57 inc. VAT)
  • Angled serrated blades make it quicker to cut clothing away
  • Stainless steel provides optimum hygiene and cleanliness
  • Safe to use on clothing and bandages without damaging the skin

When someone suffers a burn, every second wasted can make the injury worse, so it's essential that treatment can be administered without delay. Clothing can be a problem when it comes to treating burns, since it can get in the way and obstruct the area that needs to be treated, but removing it can hurt the patient or make the wound worse. These clothing cutters let you snip away clothing so that it can be moved away from the burn without needing to remove it fully or drag it across the injured skin.

Because burns are a specific type of injury, different from cuts and abrasions, they need certain materials for effective treatment. Our burns first aid kit has all the materials you need to treat burns effectively, and these clothing cutters make an excellent addition to your first aid supplies.

The serrated blades let you cut the fabric of clothing quickly, without the need for them to be so sharp they put the patient at risk from further injury. They're angled to make them easier to use, with a flattened base on the lower blade increasing safety. Because they're designed specifically for this purpose, they combine efficient performance with excellent protective properties for the patient, making them the perfect choice. If space is limited in your first aid storage, however, you may want to consider our combined scissors and clothing cutters, which are suitable for a range of different first aid applications.

Once clothing has been removed from the injured area, first aid treatments can be applied to the burn. Our burn relief spray is a compact, portable way to provide pain relief and promote healing when someone is burned. It's useful to have with your medical supplies if you're not able to store a full range of burn products.

In addition to removing clothing, these cutters can also be used as a safe way to cut bandages, particularly if they're close to the skin, without harming the patient or making wounds worse. This makes them ideal for follow-up treatments as well as initial first aid.

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