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Extra Large Clinical and Hard Surface Wipes

Keep surfaces clean with these wipes, ideal for large surface use


£9.99 ex. VAT ( £11.99 inc. VAT)
  • Eliminate dangerous bacteria instantly
  • Pack of 200 extra large wipes
  • Highly effective in dental and medical environments

When it comes to hard surfaces such as counter tops in dental and medical environments, it’s highly important that dangerous bacteria are regularly eliminated.

Our extra large clinical and hard surface wipes, containing 70% isopropynol, are the perfect way to clean larger surfaces in such health and safety conscious environments.

Micro-organisms like MRSA and E. coli can be incredibly dangerous, but our wipes are highly effective against them as well as a wide range of other viruses and bacteria.

With 200 wipes per pack, each extra large wipe will get the job done while remaining cost effective and offering great value for money.

Additional Information

Description Hard surface wipes
Specifications / Characteristics Eliminate dangerous bacteria on hard surfaces
Supplied in Pack of 200

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