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Economical Disposable First Aid Clean Up Pack

Clean up messes safely and hygienically with this comprehensive pack


£4.99 ex. VAT
£2.50 ex. VAT ( £2.99 inc. VAT)

  • High level of protection against bacteria
  • Ideal addition to any first aid kit
  • Contains a range of essential clean-up items

Spillages can cause a serious danger to your staff and visitors if not cleaned up properly; biohazards and chemicals left to fester after spilling can lead to the spread of infection and diseases. Make sure you clean up well after a spillage or leakage with this handy clean up pack. This is a single use pack that can be safely disposed of after use and is ideal for keeping with your first aid kit or in a medical room.

The kit contains all the essentials required for a thorough clean-up, including a pair of disposable gloves and a polythene apron to ensure that you do not come into contact with the spillage. There are also two non-woven clothes for wiping away the debris. A scraper and scoop ensure that you can quickly and thoroughly gather up any residue ready for wiping. Finally, once you have cleaned up the area, you can dispose of the biohazard and the kit's contents by using the supplied yellow biohazard disposable bag. This bag can then be safely thrown away in a suitable bin.

The contents of this kit, from cleaning brand HypaClean, are all supplied in one handy plastic pack, which is compact and flat-packed to ensure that it can be neatly tucked away until its time of use into any standard first aid kit box.

We stock clean up equipment for a range of potentially harmful spills, including these alternative body fluid disposal kits, which are designed especially for the task of removing biohazards such as vomit and blood.

Do all you can to keep your workplace as sanitary as possible; this clean up absorbent powder is another effective way to remove harmful liquids.

Additional Information

Brand HypaClean
Kit Contains 1 x Disposable Gloves
2 x Non-Woven Cloths
1 x Scraper & Scoop
1 x Polythene Apron
1 x Yellow Biohazard Disposable Bag
No. of Users 1
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Clean Up Disposal Pack
Supplied in Single Kit

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