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Clean Up Absorbent First Aid Granules for Bodily Fluids

Safely and effectively absorb blood, urine, vomit and other fluids

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  • Three different convenient sizes available
  • Simple to use and fast acting
  • A safe way to deal with potential biological hazards

Injuries and illness can lead to people spilling blood, urine, vomit and other bodily fluids on the ground. Apart from being unpleasant to deal with, they can also potentially be hazardous, causing the spread of bacteria and other biological dangers. It's essential to have a safe, effective way to deal with fluids so that any risk can be minimised or eliminated and the area can be left clean and hygienic.

These absorbent granules are easy to use but highly effective. Simply sprinkle them on to whatever spill you need to clean up and the granules soak it up so that it can be safely removed from the ground. Once it's been absorbed with the granules, the ground can be cleaned using a product such as all-purpose bleach to leave it perfectly hygienic and safe once again.

The powder is available in three different sizes, depending on your needs or the likelihood of needing to use it. The 1.5-kilogram tub lets you stock up so you'll always have a good supply, which is useful for schools and hospitals. Also available are a shaker, which makes the powder easier to apply evenly, and a small sachet, which makes a great addition to your first aid kit, so you can clean up any spillages on the spot after helping the casualty.

Once applied, the granules turn to gel, so cleaning up is a much more pleasant and hygienic process than tackling the fluid alone, and is far more effective than more traditional solutions like sawdust or sand. In addition to bodily fluids, the granules can be used as a simple way to deal with all kinds of spilt fluids.

Displaying one of our first aider list signs lets people find out who they should contact if there is a medical emergency. The sign gives you spaces to fill in the names of personnel with first aid training, so they can be identified and found quickly.

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Product Description Clean Up Absorbent Granules

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