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Concentrated Smear-Free Car Screen Wash

An effective solution to deep cleaning your car windscreens and windows


£4.50 ex. VAT ( £5.40 inc. VAT)

  • Makes up to 50 litres of window washing fluid
  • Smear-free application suited to all weather conditions
  • Prevents re-freezing of washing equipment in winter

Dirty car windscreens and windows can cause visibility issues when driving, and can cause a danger to drivers, passengers and other people. It is advisable to keep a substantial stock of car screen wash in your vehicle to quickly and effectively remove residue and dirt from your windscreens so that you can continue to drive safely. This Extreme Clear car screen wash is ideal for long-term use and provides a smear-free clean for windows and windscreens in all weather conditions.

The car window wash solution comes in a one litre plastic bottle for easy storage. However, its concentrated formula can be applied to water top make up to 50 litres of car screen wash, with the ultimate aim of saving you money. Once applied to the windscreen, simply spread the solution evenly across the glass and then wipe off. The results will be an ultimate shine and crystal clear finish.

The concentrated solution has been developed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of winter driving. It is ideal for use in one of our compact car pressure washers, serving a dual purpose by also preventing the washer from freezing in cold temperatures.

For safety, the formula has been supplied in a child-friendly bottle; its screw top prevents access by young children for your added peace of mind. By purchasing a concentrated formula for tasks such as washing cars, you are also choosing an environmentally friendly option; concentration reduces the need for multiple purchases and therefore saves on the amount of plastic packaging consumed.

Winter weather can cause all kinds of dangers on the roads, and often snow and icy conditions can creep up on motorists unexpectedly. You can make sure you are prepared for the perils of winter weather by stocking up on suitable anti-ice and snow products, such as this multi-purpose instant de-icing solution - another concentrated formula that can melt ice in a matter of seconds in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade.

Additional Information

Specifications / Characteristics Prevents re-freezing
Smear free
Makes up to 50 litres
Supplied in Single
Volume 1 L

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