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Complete Car Park Winter Kits for Safer Car Parks

Keep your employees safe this winter with this complete car park winter kit


From: £189.95 ex. VAT ( £227.94 inc. VAT)
  • Choose from bare essentials or heavy duty kits
  • High vis waistcoat and thermal gloves included
  • Salt, signs, grit bins and more available

Keep your car parks free of ice and snow this winter, ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors, with these car park kits.

The kits come in various sizes with different items included depending on which one you choose. Each kit contains everything needed for an individual car park to stay safe through winter, depending on its size.

Select your kit based on the size of your car park among other factors. The available items include high vis waistcoats, thermal gloves, warning signs, de-icing salt, snow pushers, grit bins and snow ploughs.

For more choices to keep your workplace ice and snow free this winter, see our full range of de-icing products, including rock and salt spreaders and liquid ice melt kits.

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