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Concentrated Car De-Icer Aerosol Spray Can

Quickly and effectively remove snow and ice from car door locks and windscreens


£2.25 ex. VAT ( £2.70 inc. VAT)

  • Concentrated formula saves money and packaging
  • Melts ice and snow instantly
  • Works in ultra cold temperatures

During the colder winter months, the often unexpected arrival of snow and ice can reap havoc out on the roads and in driveways. If you own a vehicle, you will no doubt be all too familiar with the need to stock up on de-icing products in order to continue using your car as normal throughout tough winter conditions. Our car de-icer is an ideal solution to those frosty mornings when you wake up to find your windscreen covered in a layer ice or snow.

This effective de-icing formula can melt ice and snow in a matter of just a few seconds, so that you can start driving your car straight away. The anti-ice and snow product is supplied in a handy aerosol spray can, which is small enough to pack away in your car ready for those times you might need it. Just a small amount of de-icing solution is then needed on your car, and is effective in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade. The anti-snow solution also comes with a handy spray nozzle, which you activate simply by pushing and holding it down. Once sprayed onto the icy or snowy area, the de-icing solution will also prevent immediate reformation of ice and snow.

With its concentrated formula containing highly effective active ingredients, the vehicle de-icing formula has been designed to last many uses, and to save on the money and packaging of buying multiple, weaker products. A simple, 400ml volume can is usually enough to last you all winter through without replacement.

Ice and snow can cause huge access problems at home and in the workplace. While public areas are often treated by local councils, it will often be down to businesses and residents to treat ice and snow on their own premises. You can make sure your household or workplace is prepared for clearing snow with this heavy duty snow shovel. The shovel is often purchased with our de-icing products as an effective kit to tackle winter weather.

Additional Information

Application Spray nozzle
Supplied in Single
Volume 400 ml

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