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Complete Burns First Aid Kit with Vinyl Pouch

Everything you need to treat burns effectively on the spot

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£11.25 ex. VAT
£5.63 ex. VAT ( £6.76 inc. VAT)
  • Complete with clearly-labelled pouch
  • Compact and portable
  • A cost-effective way to prepare for burn injuries

Burns require a specialised form of first aid, with specific materials and treatments needed to be able to treat them most effectively. This complete burn treatment kit makes an excellent addition to your standard first aid provisions, providing a selection of high-quality burn treatments in a compact and easily portable vinyl pouch.

The red pouch is designed to provide quick recognition of its purpose, clearly labelled on the front alongside the first aid symbol. Inside, the kit contains everything needed for burn treatment, including cooling dressings and gel which are ready to use without pre-chilling.

Stored next to your existing first aid equipment, the kit provides a cost-effective way to increase your ability to treat burns easily.

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