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Effective burn relief spray

Quick spray-on first aid relief from the pain of a burn


£12.50 ex. VAT
£6.25 ex. VAT ( £7.50 inc. VAT)
  • Contains active ingredients to promote healing
  • Reduces pain through the application of a layer of gel
  • Straight-forward, hygienic applicator container

Even if they're only superficial, burns can really hurt! That's why burn relief spray should be in every first aid kit. Designed to work quickly, this burn treatment spray soothes and promotes healing, providing dual benefits. Even a small burn can cause an enormous amount of pain, so having ready access to a burns spray that will help can be of real benefit to the workforce.

The burn spray bottle squirts the remedy on to the affected area. As the burn spray makes contact with the burn, it solidifies into a thick gel, effectively coating the burn with a protective layer. Because the damaged skin is no longer in contact with air after the burns remedy has been applied, the level of pain is significantly reduced. Gel burn relief also acts as a barrier to germs, preventing them from entering through the broken skin and causing further damage. Once the burn relief spray has been applied, a dressing can be applied over the top to provide additional protection to the wound.

A burn relief that's in spray format can be easily applied to almost any area of the body. It comes in particularly handy for covering burns sustained on knees, elbows or skin creases, where a burns dressing may not adhere efficiently enough.

The container for the burn relief spray has a combination of green and white print - the traditional combination for first aid equipment. Combined with a clear, printed label that states what the product is for, the packaging helps workers to instantly recognise that this is an effective solution for burns relief.

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