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Soothing gel to relieve minor burn pain

This soothing 'Water Jel' provides relief for minor cuts and scrapes.


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£5.75 ex. VAT ( £6.90 inc. VAT)
  • Relief for minor burns, cuts and scrapes
  • Provides a protective barrier against infection
  • Spread over the skin for instant relief.

Water Jel Burn Jel is a soothing gel that provides relief for minor burns, cuts or scrapes. The water-based, water-soluble gel draws the heat out of the burn and relieves the pain, while cooling the skin and protecting against airborne contamination.

When the gel is applied as soon as possible, the heat of the burn reduces, preventing it from progressing deeper into the skin and causing more pain. The gel has the same cooling effect as water, but being a thick gel, it stays on the burn and evaporates at a slower rate, providing continued relief.

This Water Jel also contains the natural extract, melaleuca alternifolia, or tea tree oil, offering antibacterial properties to help prevent infection. With thickening agents and preservatives to maintain viscosity, it has a five-year shelf life.

This gel meets the safety requirements of most companies, organisations and homes. It can reduce the risk of serious injury and provide pain relief, reducing the need for pain-relieve drugs. It can assist family safety at home by becoming a vital part of your first aid kit, providing a fast response to minor burns and emergencies.

Water Jel is safe for use on both thermal and chemical burns, although they must be treated differently. When treating chemical burns, the first principle is to remove the offending substance with continued rinsing with water or saline. Once the chemical has been thoroughly flushed, use Water Jel to provide pain relief and protection. Simply spread the gel over the affected skin for immediate relief.

We also stock the the complete Water Jel Burn Kit containing an instruction leaflet, two 50mm x 150mm burn dressings, one 100mmx 100mm burn dressing, one 100mm x 400mm burn dressing, 18 x safety pins, three x 3.5g sachets of Cool Jel, 2 x conforming bandages, two pairs of latex gloves and clothing cutters.

Also in stock are Water Jel burn dressings to halt the progression of the burn, while cooling the skin, easing the pain and providing protection against airborne contamination.

Additional Information

Brand Water-Jel®
Description 120ml Bottle
Product Description Bottle of Burn Gel
Size 120ml
Supplied in Single
Volume 120 ml

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