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Air-Cushioning Bubble Film

Help ensure fragile products reach their destination protected and undamaged


From: £27.99 ex. VAT ( £33.59 inc. VAT)

  • Air-cuashioning packaging material provides excellent protection
  • Choice of small or large bubbles
  • Rolls in a range of sizes available

Packagings goods appropriately is essential to their safe delivery and whether your products arrive undamaged depends largely on the type of packaging equipment you use. Bubble wrap is an ideal way to protect fragile items to minimise the risk of breakages en route and is an essential item in any post room or workplace.

This soft and foamy bubble film is available in a choice of two bubble sizes - large and small. The small bubbles are ideal for smaller, everyday packages to provide that vital extra layer of cushioning. The small bubbles measure 4mm high by 100mm in diameter and are available in a range of roll sizes to suit your individual packaging requirements. The large bubbles provide an enhanced level of protection for larger goods and can be purchased in a standard 750mm by 50m roll. These bubbles measure 12mm high by 28mm in diameter, so are ideal for items that require extra effective cushioning such as heavy goods or white goods.

This transparent material is highly flexible and versatile and can be moulded to the shape of your package. It can often be used repeatedly as the bubbles will not burst unless a high degree of pressure is inflicted on them. The bubble film is also very lightweight, which is essential in a packaging material; as packages are measured and priced according to their weight, it is not advisable to use cushioning material that is likely to add to package size and weight. This protective film gives you the peace of mind that your packages are going to arrive in one piece, whilst also having the added benefit of not significantly adding to the postage costs of your workplace's parcels - an all-round cost effective solution to safe packaging.

Once you've selected an option, the price visible is the price you will pay per roll. For an alternative non-cushioned packaging option, we also stock stretchwrap film, which has a wide range of uses and is another essential addition to any packaging room.

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