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Pack of six all-purpose surface cleaners

Multi-purpose cleaners for benches, floors and workspaces


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  • Dettol anti-bacterial surface cleaner for hospital grade cleaning
  • Flash lemon cleaner perfect for hard surfaces
  • Maxima cleaner for all surfaces in the home or workplace

Multi-purpose cleaners are a must-have item both at home and in the workplace. All-purpose cleaners are designed to be used on any hard surface including tiles, plastic and glass. The easy spray action of most multi-purpose cleaners makes it easy to clean dust, dirt and grime. These cleaners can also be used diluted in a bucket for use on floors or larger surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen or warehouse.

The Dettol anti-bacterial surface cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and the flue virus. This multi-purpose cleaner does not contain bleach and is suitable for use in areas where food is prepared, making it ideal for kitchens. Its spray nozzle makes it easy to cover surfaces and doesn't leave a residue once wiped away. The Dettol anti-bacterial surface cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle and is perfect for your all round surface cleaner.

The lightly lemon scented Flash cleaner is great for using diluted on floors. It leaves all surfaces bright and clean and can be used on benches, sinks, floors walls and windows. The Flash lemon cleaner comes in a 500ml bottle with an easy screw cap that can be used to correctly measure out doses for dilution.

With no harmful solvents, Maxima cleaner is suitable for any non-porous surfaces. Easy to use, this multi-purpose cleaner will leave your workplace or home clean and pleasantly scented. The spray nozzle bottle is easy to grip and makes targeting stains simple.

All of our multi-purpose cleaners are ideal for everyday use for all surfaces. Easily wipe away dust, grease and grime in the workplace or your home. Supplied in packs of six, you can select the product best suited for your needs, and have the peace of mind that you are well-supplied with cleaning formula.

If you are using chemical cleaners on a regular basis it is advised you use rubber gloves and other protective wear to protect your skin. We have a wide range of cleaning products and accessories to help make cleaning a breeze.

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Pack Qty. 6

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