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Tamper proof and protective fire alarm cover stopper

Helps stop false fire alarms and potential accidents.

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  • Fits easily over manual break glass fire alarms with either wall or flush mount
  • Easy to lift up in the event of a real emergency
  • Available with a 110dB integral alarm, activated when lifted

This protective alarm cover stopper will fit over fire alarms and help to cut down on false alarms, either through nuisance or accidents. Constructed from tamper proof clear moulded polycarbonate, it easily fits over 'break glass' style fire alarms and can be lifted up quickly in the event of a real emergency. The cover will also help protect against tampering, vandalism, and wear and tear from dust and weather conditions.

A functional fire alarm is a vital part of any workplace fire plan, and this cover will help to ensure yours remains in working order and is well protected. The alarm cover comes in several variants - it can be either wall mounted or flush mounted to allow for the best installation depending on where your fire alarm is placed. In addition, both styles come with an optional integral alarm, which emits a piercing 110dB sound when the cover is lifted, which acts as a preliminary alarm and also helps to deter any vandalism or false alarms. An optional Weather Gasket Set is also available to ensure weather proofing for alarms located outdoors, guaranteeing a lengthy service life.

Fire safety is one of the core components of any health and safety plan at all workplaces, and particularly those dealing with flammable materials. To ensure you have complete coverage and comply with relevant fire and health and safety regulations, be sure to check out our full range of Fire Safety Equipment. We stock a wide variety of products from fire alarms to hoses and extinguishers, all of which are designed to comply with relevant UK health and safety laws.

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