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First aid adult resuscitation poster

A poster providing step-by-step first aid guidance on resuscitation (CPR).

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From: £20.95 ex. VAT ( £25.14 inc. VAT)
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Comprehensive & up-to-date CPR information
  • Poster is easy to wall mount

This colour poster provides fundamental instructions on what to do in the event of finding an adult unconscious in the workplace, and the steps needed to be taken to resuscitate.

It is one of a number of first aid and health and safety posters that can be considered for display at your workplace.

The poster is organised into several sections, with detailed information provided, including the importance of checking for dangers if you encounter an unconscious person, how to determine their level of responsiveness, and when to summon aid.

Further sections provide instructions on how to check and open an airway and to see if the casualty is breathing, with two other detailed sections showing the differences of treating an unconscious and breathing casualty as opposed to an unconscious and non-breathing casualty. The poster also provides a space whereby the names, location and contact details of your first aiders can be displayed.

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