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Adhesive reflective vinyl letters for customisable message

Tailor your message for your particular purpose with reflective lettering


From: £60.75 ex. VAT ( £72.90 inc. VAT)
  • Different sizes and colours of characters according to your needs
  • Self-adhesive, allowing you to stick them on a multitude of surfaces
  • Versatile lettering appropriate for all workplace and educational environments

There are so many important things to communicate in the work place and there isn’t always a sign that will do it for you. You may need to further explain a standard safety sign or have a specific message that is unique or rare to your workplace. Make sure staff and visitors can understand any risk or preferred behaviours with these reflective, vinyl letters – allowing you to tailor your message to the situation.

Additional detail may be needed with signs that are used in public areas, in which case more specialist signage may be a more suitable choice. Safetyshop provides a range of compliance and safety labels and signs should you need a more specific alternative.

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