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Extra Bright and Durable 1W Aluminium CREE LED Torch

Lightweight, compact, with sleek, high-quality design


£24.99 ex. VAT ( £29.99 inc. VAT)
  • Up to 33% brighter than standard torches
  • Three different settings for different applications, including blinking light
  • Provides 70 lumens of white light

Complete with a compact, aluminium design that fits snugly into your hand, and simple ON and OFF settings, our CREE LED Torch is perfect for both household and industrial use. It has a functional black wrist-strap, along with a three-functional on/off button, meaning you can set the torch to full, half and blinking lights. These settings stop you from blinding your work colleagues, and are also handy for signalling across distances. The width of the beam is easily adjustable, as a simple twist can give you the narrow, penetrating beam, or a wide, full-bodied glow. For torches that function in other environments, including underwater, check our Maglite® range.

Additional Information

Description 1W Torch
Supplied in Single
Type 13W Torch

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