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High Performance Swerve Banded Hearing Protectors

Pack of 10 reusable 3M™ E-A-R™ Hearing Protectors, reducing loud noise by 26 dB


£99.75 ex. VAT ( £119.70 inc. VAT)
  • Tough ear protection in noisy work environments
  • Ergonomic design prevents obstruction from clothing
  • Durable and reusable

3M™ E-A-R™ Hearing Protectors are optimised for maximum comfort and protection in noisy work environments. The earplugs dampen loud noises by 26 dB, preventing health issues such as hearing loss and tinnitus associated with drilling, welding or operation of other heavy-duty machinery. For even tougher protection, use with our Clarity Noise Filtering Ear Muffs

The ergonomic design prevents any obstruction from clothing such as shirt collars or any other safety gear, whilst the bright yellow colour makes the hearing protectors easy to find in a busy workplace.

Designed for maximum comfort, the neckband is adjustable, allowing for a secure fit for any user. The earplugs are also easy to wash, making them durable and reusable. To increase the longevity of yours, store after each use. We offer a variety of storage solutions for hearing protection, including a hearing protection dispenser.

Additional Information

Attenuation 26 dB
Brand 3M - E-A-R™
Colour(s) Yellow/Blue
Packaging Qty. 10
Supplied in Pack of 10
Type Banded hearing protector
Weight 20 g

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