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Reliable, Durable 2 Channel Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Versatile device for collecting vital temperature and humidity data


From: £157.60 ex. VAT ( £189.12 inc. VAT)
  • Accurately records both temperature and humidity data
  • May be wall or desk mounted to give additional versatility
  • Over 30,000 readings can be stored, to give information over time

There are many work places where consistent, accurate temperature and humidity data is essential to ensure that employees are working in a suitable environment. These handy monitors are also helpful in areas where materials need to be stored within specific temperature and humidity ranges. Maximum and minimum tolerances can be set in advance, with a visual alarm being set off should any of the permitted parameters be exceeded. One of a range of meters and measures that we supply, this monitor is the perfect solution for situations where precise, reliable data recording is a workplace essential.

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