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Powerful aluminium 3W LED torch

Super-bright white light with easily-adjustable beam width


£30.99 ex. VAT ( £37.19 inc. VAT)

  • Full, half and blinking light settings
  • Quickly switch between spot or wide beams
  • Strong, light aluminium body

This 110-lumen LED torch produces an extremely bright white light that cuts through darkness and vastly increases visibility. The aluminium body provides strength and durability without causing excess weight, and the LEDs will last an extremely long time compared to traditional bulbs.

The beam of the torch can be set to either spot or wide beam mode, suiting a range of different applications. The rear push button can set the torch to full, half or blinking light mode. The latter is ideal for signalling for help in the event of an emergency. The adjustable settings mean it is also suitable for use where less brightness is needed.

For an excellent torch for use in emergencies, take a look at our wind-up rechargeable torch.

Additional Information

Description 3W Torch
Supplied in Single
Type 3W Torch

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